In the last several months, the modifications made in the workplace are unlike anything we have ever seen. Whether it is restricted access, remote operations or modified essential work, the life of an employee has never looked like this. Many companies have altered their production to partially or fully assist in the effort to fight COVID-19. Whether it’s car manufacturers adjusting assembly lines to produce masks or restaurants providing food for healthcare workers, many companies have made it their duty to help where they can. 

Now as the country begins to open up, the workplace must make another adjustment. How can our workers return to work safely? Companies big and small, essential and non-essential will need to adjust their procedures to take the necessary steps to create a safe place for workers and customers to conduct business safely. 

Our Obligation 

As a company focused on commercial construction and restoration for insurance claims, we too have shifted our operations to meet the needs of the country, and more specifically, Texas.

We felt an obligation to do our part in getting Texas back to work through a specialized work space sanitization process that can be customized to fit your businesses needs.  

We Are The Experts

Texas Group Restoration is made up of experts that are up-to-date with the cutting edge sanitization methods that mitigate potential virus threats. We have adapted our traditional methods to meet the needs of you and your customers. 


If this virus has taught us anything, it is that the world can change in an instant. 

As part of our obligation to Texas, our crew and management are staying current with legislation, trends and new technology that we can implement to create a healthy and safe work space.  

No Stone Unturned

Understanding the need is the first step in doing our job. 

After a consultation with you and an evaluation of your needs we sterilize and properly prepare your space with specialized techniques. The effective chemicals that will be used to sanitize will be customized to ensure a detailed cleaning that doesn’t cause damage to any surfaces they may be used on. 

This attention to detail is continued throughout the space and we leave no stone unturned!


Following all CDC recommendations is the best way to ensure that we are implementing the most effective practices to keep your area clean. 

Whether it’s proper attire, varying disinfectants depending on the surface or correct crew operations we have made these recommendations a part of our daily operating procedures. 

Your Best Work Requires our Best Work

We understand that being out of an office makes work very difficult. You may even be able to work remotely, but that is just a limited time fix to a problem that needs an ultimate, long term solution. 

With each additional phase that Greg Abbott progresses the state to, it opens more opportunities for businesses to get back to the status quo. Normal may not look the same as it did before Texas went into quarantine, but we are ready to help you find your new normal. 

Multiple Hotels, Inns and churches have already taken full advantage of our sanitization processes in an effort to prepare for their new normal. 


Find out what your new normal looks like here