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I want to thank Texas Group for a job well done. I was impressed with Roberto from the beginning of the project. His knowledge is unbelievable. His precision and skill on the job was fantastic. He went out of his way to please me. Roberto and Hector also cleaned up after their work every day. Most important to me though, they were kind to my dogs. Consistently when asked they would close gates and doors to allow for the dogs to go out back to “do their business.” I must give a shout out to Eli also. His “people skills” are genuine. When I became hysterical about anything, he was able to calm me down and explain things to my understanding. Thanks again for the quality workmanship.

Alice Collette

It was a pleasure dealing with Danny. He was very responsive to my inquiries and kept me informed.

Delbosque, M.,Residential Fire

Great customer service and dedication to getting the job done right and to customer satisfaction.

Dr. Jackie OttoTexarkana Housing Authority, Mitigation Services

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