What’s the Damage?

Property damage is a term that bookends many different scenarios in which a portion or all of the building or surrounding area is rendered broken or unusable. common cause is by severe weather. Every Texan knows that our local weather has a mind of its own, and can change at a moment’s notice.

Another cause of property damage isn’t caused by mother nature but rather fires or thieves your property.

Measures can be taken to prevent both types of property damage. We know that calling us is the last resort in correcting property damage. The first step is preventing it.


Mother nature is a beautiful and scary thing. She operates on her own clock and with her own force. Here is how to prevent some of the damage she may cause.


While many of the following circumstances aren’t exclusive to winter, it seems that the conditions are more prevalent in the late and early months of the year.

In Texas it is hard to imagine the conditions getting bad enough to cause freezing. It’s not something we have to deal with very often, but when it does happen it happens quickly and uses surprise as it’s strategy of attack.

Be sure that if temperatures are getting low, any building with pipes is kept above 64 degrees and you leave cabinet doors open to facilitate air (and heat) circulation.

Other Storms

Freezing weather along with high winds can cause tree limbs to break and come crashing down. If you aren’t careful, that crashing may take place on your building, which causes more than just roofing damage.

Secure and cut down any limbs that hang over or near your property. It is easy to overlook the threat and see them merely for the beauty they provide. Properly trimming your properties trees maintains their beauty and keeps them from becoming a nuisance.

Fire Safety & Prevention

A fire is a traumatic event and can cause permanent damages quickly. Although not known as the most common disaster, fire and smoke damage can be even more destructive. Keep yourself and family safe with the following steps:

  • Create & practice a escape plan
  • Easy access to a fire extinguisher
  • Identify any fire hazards: appliances, faulty/broken wires, space heaters etc.
  • Ensure that smoke alarms are installed in hallways, kitchen, common areas

After completing your safety checklist make sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent any fires by testing all smoke alarms once a month, replace smoke alarms as needed, never leave cooking unattended, prevent from using appliances or electronics with damaged cords.

Thieves & The Like

Thieves and vandals can cause just as much of a risk as a storm can. The extent of their property damage varies but they often have to break in to gain access and doing so is just one of the ways they can cause damage. It is important that all portions of your property are properly lit. It seems simple but good lighting is one of the biggest deterrents of theft and other illegal activity on your property.

Other securing measures include, locking all doors and windows and an alarm system. Alarms encourage thieves and those who may vandalize your property to leave before they do any additional damage.

The Unexpected

No one ever predicts that their property will be damaged and sometimes even the most preventive measures aren’t enough. So whether you have followed this advice to a tee or you are reading this in the aftermath of your property destruction wishing you had done more, know that we are here to help with all of your properties unexpected events. If your property is in need of restoration, Give Texas Group Restoration a call today!